Chinese Medical Botanicals / Herbal Extracts


The Chinese medical botanicals and herbs are sourced from world class granule producers upholding very rigorous quality control and strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards for safety, processing and production. They offer some of the most consistent and potent granules on the market, and their quality control and research division shape the standards of the industry. The granules are made using extremely high quality raw herbal materials, that are sourced directly form established growers. Production will also uphold ancient Chinese methods of processing, a transformational alchemical approach to preparation which increases the medical botanicals therapeutic effectiveness, and applicability.


The Herbal extracts are sourced form reputable herb suppliers, including local farmers and responsible wild-crafters. All of the herbs are certified organic and locally grown, honoring both folkloric and scientific lineages to deliver potent extracts with unparalleled safety. Certificates of analysis ensure the highest GMP standards controlling all phases of the production process from procurement and testing of the raw herbal materials to manufacturing and packaging. The suppliers are GMP certified by NSF, green business certified, state certified to process organic ingredients, certified by the CCOF to manufacture organic products, FDA registered facility, and certified by the California Department of Public Health.