Massage and Bodywork

Circulatory Swedish massage unwind with this relaxing medium to light pressure massage designed to improve circulation and facilitate the release of metabolic waist, nervous tension and stress to increase vitality. This massage can also be done with deep or firm pressure.

Deep Tissue, Therapeutic massage is designed to facilitate muscle recovery after exercise and produces lasting relief for chronic muscular tension and sore muscles from soft tissue pain, injury and dysfunction. This massage really gets in deeper into the myofascial layers of the body and can be focused on certain problem areas, applying an overall moderate to firmer pressure. It can rebalance the structure of the body from postural distortions and habituated movement patterns. It can also include certain stretching techniques that are skillfully incorporated into the session. This massage can be done with or without oil.

Tuina is an ancient system of Chinese therapeutic massage. It originates from mainland China, using acupressure and specific hand techniques to affect changes in the physical and energetic systems of the body. It helps to reduce acute and chronic pain due to soft tissue damage involving the joints and tendons and muscles, as well as other types of internal conditions. Tuina can be performed fully clothed or in combination with other types of massage. It is often used as an adjunct to other traditional therapies such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Gua Sha and Moxibustion.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is the application of pressure to trigger points and/or acupressure points. This technique works to interrupt and de-activate referred and radiating pain patterns. This is a bodywork option specifically developed for injury rehabilitation, pain management, treatment of sports injuries, chronic pain, postural dysfunction and other types of physical problems.

Pregnancy massage for mothers to be, using pregnancy pillows facilitating a safe and comfortable side lying position. This massage targets the most common symptoms and complications for expecting women. It is designed to relieve tension and pain in the lower back and hip/pelvic areas which often become strained and overworked due to the extra weight carrying a baby. It increases lymphatic drainage from swelling and can facilitate labor and postpartum recovery.

Sensory Repatterning is a method of bodywork that works with the client’s unique and natural body rhythms. It uses gentle rocking motions and slow motion movements to help encourage the whole body to experience freedom of movement. Slow passive joint movements are utilized to remind the body’s potential for full range of motion and to get the body/mind out of habitual mental patterns and movement patterns. It also allows the client to reach a deeper state of relaxation and to access the slower brain wave potentials and deeper dream states. The client has the option of remaining fully clothed. This method is based on Trager work.