Powerful Vedic Energy Healing Transmissions

These energy healing transmissions are appropriate for anyone in need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing, addressing mind, body, heart, and soul. Creating an experience of inner peace & harmony and, supporting an optimum internal environment though which healing occurs naturally. The mechanism of higher energy healing creates a powerful reignition of your own self-healing spark, so that your soul and inner essence can help you heal your system from whatever challenges are present.

Practical information and what you can expect from a healing session.

Each session is unique, tailored to your specific needs through rigorous training with a healing master energy healing lineage from India, Desiree uses a variety of energy healing techniques from her soul-doctor bag. Each energy healing session is a minimum of 1-hour but, please budget for two hours just to be safe. Please be thinking deeply in advance about what elements in your life really need healing, release or blessing, and what you would like to create in your life at the deepest level.

In order to receive the maximum benefits from a healing session and hold the energy to create a success, please observe a vegetarian diet (fish, eggs and dairy are fine, just no fowl or meat products of any kind) for 24-hours before your energy session scheduled and through the actual day of the healing.

Every healing session is accompanied by the gift of simple tools that you can use by yourself at home to develope and sustain the healing process in your life. Creating an easy self-healing & maintance practice will help you keep the inner peace, inspiration, harmony and upliftment that is a vital part of the healing experience. Inside every human being is a powerful healer. Desiree’s goal is to help you reconnect with and strengthen that essential part of yourself – to create more healing, peace, beauty, and happiness in your life. These powerful energy healing transmissions can be received as a stand alone treatment or combined with other modalities.